• The project

    BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, has been awarded with a grant under the European Commission’s call 2013 “specific programme civil justice 2007-2013 (JUST/2013/JCIV/AG)” to continue the activities of the Consumer Justice Enforcement Forum (...)
  • Objectives

    The first objective consist in exchanging best practices and training consumer organisations to build enforcement strategies as unlawful practices often affect not only their own country, but the same or similar problems often exist in other (...)
  • Activities

    The first CoJEF II activity would be to organise four training seminars within the two year project period, to exchange best practices and train consumer organisations. The seminars will centre on four subject areas, such as telecommunications; (...)
  • Who’s who

    BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, is the secretariat for CoJEF. It is responsible for all organisational and management tasks of the project. The project partners are ten consumer organisations from different Member States. This broad (...)